Burtek Makina

PVC & Aluminum Processing Machines

For years, Burtek Makina has become the best in the world in the world of PVC, aluminum, wood, door and window manufacturing machines and has been recognized in 58 countries that export machines with the most suitable quality machinery. .

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A breath of fresh air in the industry

Our company “Burtek Makina”, which entered into PVC & Aluminum Processing Machines sector as a fresh breath,

Our company “Burtek Makina” is born in Bursa in 2017 as a fresh breath to the PVC & Aluminum Processing Machinery sector with its young and dynamic cadres. Since its foundation, it has been serving all over Turkey with its expert team and latest technological institutional facilities.

We have the infrastructure and knowledge to meet all the technical needs of our sector in the field of PVC and Aluminum Processing Machines with our service with young point of view and vision by always working with customer satisfaction principle by adopting the principle of solution focused service, our company keeps the pulse of the industry with its rapid supply support.

Our production facilities are manufactured machines all over Turkey, mainly in Bursa.

It is produced with 100% customer satisfaction principle with high efficiency and guarantee for the pre-sales and fast service and spare parts for after-sales support, and after-sales services are provided.

Our company, which carries out reliability and quality policy through expert team members in the field, is among the most valuable companies in the sector today and continues to work without compromising our principles and service policy.

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Address: Otosansit San. Sit.
40. Blok No: 140-142 Yıldırım/BURSA
E-mail: info@burtekmakina.com
Telephone: 0549 678 20 17